Top Amenities

35 rooms

Experience a cozy, boutique atmosphere

Complimentary WiFi

Stay connected with free WiFi throughout your stay


Indulge in our well-stocked minibars for a refreshing in-room experience

37" Flat Screen TV

Enjoy your favorite shows on large TVs

2 Rooftop decks

Double the delight with two rooftop decks for spectacular panoramic views

The Location

To get to Hotel Nextto in Barcelona, you can use various modes of transportation.

Metro: The Metro subway system is the most efficient way to explore Barcelona, connecting you to all major attractions.

Tram and Bus: Utilize the tram and bus networks for an easy, affordable way to navigate the city's streets.

Taxi: Taxis offer a convenient and straightforward option for getting around, especially for direct routes to specific destinations.

Train: Arrive via train at Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gracia, or Clot stations, all linked to the metro for seamless city access.